Teachers use Bouncy Bands to boost student performance

Teachers, I bet you can already imagine several students in your class who could definitely use a Bouncy Band to release some of their extra energy.

Watch this quick video to find out 2 other kids in your class who might surprise you to see why they need Bouncy Bands as well.

Here's a quick video with 4 tips on getting funded through Donor’s Choose:

For the files mentioned in the video, along with additional tips, resources, photos, and more, visit: http://BouncyBands.com/DC

  • Product Review sheet for teachers to use with students to determine if and how Bouncy Bands are helpful.
  • Helpful research to see how Bouncy Bands can improve student performance in class and on tests.
  • Sample 1-page Donor's Choose application to copy and paste (with 4 tips on getting funded quicker!)

    Your principal might consider purchasing a Starter Set of 10 Bouncy Bands for teachers to check-out from the media center if there is enough interest. Please let your principal know if you are interested in trying out a Bouncy Band. We honor purchase orders when ordering more than $100 of Bouncy Bands--which includes free shipping!

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