Principals use Bouncy Bands to increase student performance

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  3. Durable. Resources need to last. [These bands are made from industrial strength rubber that secures tarps on semi trucks.]

Watch this quick video to see how principals are using Bouncy Bands with their students:

In January 2017, teachers in Gravette, Arkansas asked their students to rate themselves on a scale of 1-5, "How well are you able to focus in class?" Students were then allowed to use Bouncy Bands on their desk for 4 weeks. Then, the students were asked the same question. Here are their results:

What is the science behind Bouncy Bands?
The Yerkes-Dodson Law has been validated many times since it was first founded in 1908 to confirm that optimum performance is achieved when people have a medium energy level.
  • When children are over-stimulated by being anxious, restless, or frustrated, they tend to have lower performance. When students bounce their feet on the Bouncy Bands, the movement helps them calm down by releasing their extra energy, anxiety, or stress.
  • Similarly, when children are under-stimulated by being tired, bored, or disinterested, they also tend to have lower performance. Even with their shoes on, students can stimulate the nerve endings on the bottom of their feet when they bounce on the Bouncy Bands. This movement can create the momentum needed to start their work and improve their performance.
In 2017, Clemson University researched the effects of Bouncy Bands on student's time on task. Results found that students who use Bouncy Bands averaged 9% longer time on task than students who did not use Bouncy Bands. Here's a link to the full research study.

You might be thinking, "This sounds good. I'm interested, but I don't know where to start." Here's a quick video to show how many principals start by using a Starter Set:

After purchasing a Starter Set, share this link with your teachers:
  • Video introduction to Bouncy Bands
  • Product Review sheet for teachers to use with students to determine if and how Bouncy Bands are helpful.
  • Helpful research to see how Bouncy Bands can improve student performance in class and on tests.
  • Sample 1-page Donor's Choose application to copy and paste (with 4 tips on getting funded quicker!)

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