Parent tips for introducing Bouncy Bands to teachers

Do you think your child could benefit from using Bouncy Bands in class?

Does your child have extra energy, anxiety, or frustration in class when trying to learn? If so, they often don't know what to do with those feelings and they can get in trouble and/or struggle to learn to the best of their abilities.

Are you afraid that your child's teacher will be unsure, uncooperative, or unwilling for your child to use Bouncy Bands?

Your fears might be well founded, so consider the following 3 responses to common teacher concerns:

1. "We don't allow toys at school. It's going to be a distraction."
  • Respond with, "I completely agree with you and I'd never want to add any distractions to your class. Learning is the priority. Unfortunately, my child is an active learner and he/she needs stimulation to keep him/her focused in class. Bouncy Bands are used quietly and below the desk, so my child will have his/her hands free to work without anyone knowing that the Bouncy Band is being used. If it becomes a distraction at any time, you have my complete agreement in removing the Bouncy Band for the rest of the day so my child learns how to use it quietly and without any distraction to others."

2. "It's not fair that your child gets one and the rest of the class doesn't."

  • "Thank you so much for valuing fairness for all of your students. You are absolutely right that all kids should be treated fairly. I'm completely willing for you to allow any other students in your class the opportunity to try out the Bouncy Bands. If you see any benefits from the kids using them and if there is an interest in other students having the Bouncy Bands, I will support you 100% in a class fundraiser, asking the principal or PTA for help. I want you to have whatever you need in your class for all students to succeed. I'm even willing to help with a Donor's Choose grant if needed."

3. "I don't think it's going to work. I don't see why we should even try this."

  • "I can understand your hesitation. Trying anything new always has risks. How about if we only try this for 1 week to see how it goes? The Bouncy Bands company has a 100% money-back guarantee, so I can just return it if it's a distraction to the class. Since thousands of teachers around the world are seeing significant improvements with their students, I'd really like to at least give this a try for my child to succeed in your class. Here's some research that other teachers have submitted from using Bouncy Bands with their students."

Watch this quick video for tips on introducing Bouncy Bands to your child's teacher:

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