About Bouncy Bands

Scott Ertl is an elementary school counselor in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He created Bouncy Bands to help students at his own school to have a way to move when they worked so they wouldn't have to stay trapped at their desks for 5-6 hours a day. He wanted to help them be able to stretch their legs, bounce their feet and prop up their feet instead of having them dangle all day from their chair.

Through sharing Bouncy Bands at his numerous conference presentations where he travels throughout the nation to work with educators about a variety of topics (Progress Cards, Parent-Child Retreats, Playshops, and Read and Ride), he decided to start making Bouncy Bands available to others. Orders started coming from around the nation to have Bouncy Bands for individual students, classes, grade levels, and whole schools!

After numerous requests to create a Bouncy Band that would work better for chairs, he developed the latest version that keeps the support pipes securely attached to the chair legs.

Overall, Scott has been grateful to be able to share products with children and adults to promote active learning with appropriate ways to release anxiety, energy, boredom, and frustration--without getting in trouble. Learning should be fun!

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