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Videos are powerful. If a picture says a thousand words, a video says a million! Please consider making a short 60-second video showing how they work and why you love them. If you include a child, please have the parent's full permission in writing. Here's a sample permission form that you can use if you'd like. Keep it on file or feel free to send it to me if you'd like.
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Bloggers are welcome to use any of the following photos and logos in your review, but please don't alter them in any way. (Please don't add your domain name over any of these images.) You are certainly welcome to take your own photos and use them if you prefer. Simply click on any image for a larger size and save to your computer.

You are welcome to use our logos and these photos with your application and/or social media to show parents how Bouncy Bands are used. (Click on the images to see and download a larger version.)

Help teachers get free Bouncy Bands! Over 5,000 teachers have gotten funded through,, and

5 Helpful Resources to Include in Your Blog Post and/or Social Media:

  1. View sample applications for all 3 different fundraiser sites:,, and
  2. Please add a link to: for teachers to see sample applications and tips in getting funded through, and
  3. Share research from Clemson University and teachers throughout the country.
  4. Instead of giveaways, we are happy to provide you with a special promo code for all of your followers to receive a 10% discount.
  5. In addition, you can use our cartoons below in your post if you'd like.

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