Teachers use online fundraisers to purchase Bouncy Bands!

Over 8,000 teachers have been successful in raising funds through
online fundraiser sites for all students to use Bouncy Bands!

10 Tips for Getting Funded:

  1. View sample applications for 3 different fundraiser sites: DonorsChoose.org, GoFundMe.com, and AdoptAClassroom.org.

  2. You are welcome to use these photos with your application and/or social media to show parents how Bouncy Bands are used. (Click on the images to see and download a larger version.)
  3. Buy 1 set of Bouncy Bands for your students to take turns trying them out. Ask them who would like to have their very own instead of having to share the one set you have. Tell them that you would be happy to coordinate a fundraiser, but you will need their help. Explain that you will create the class fundraiser page, but you need their help to tell their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends to share your link on their Facebook pages for your campaign. Even better--Ask 1-2 students' parents for permission to take their photos using the Bouncy Bands, so they can re-post their children with a link to your class fundraiser page on their social media.

  4. If you have a school webpage and/or blog, let your students' parents know why you believe it is important to let students move in class instead of being expected to sit still all day at their desks. Explain why you feel it is important to give them an appropriate way to release their extra anxiety, energy, frustration, and boredom during the day through quiet movement at their desk that doesn't distract others.
  5. Share data from teachers and from Clemson University.
  6. Share real comments from your students. Use what they shared on their Product Review Sheet and/or share comments from the 2017 Teachers' Choice Award Evaluator Comments..

  7. Look at the current DonorsChoose.org campaigns who are raising money to use Bouncy Bands in their classrooms. (Click here.) Don't copy and paste their content or photos, but be inspired to include some of their reasons why you want your students to:
    • Focus better in class.
    • Stay calm when working and during tests.
    • Relieve stress when work is hard or confusing.
    • Makes learning fun!
  8. Contact your local weekly or daily newspaper to let them know why you are using DonorsChoose.org to raise funds for your classroom. Here's a sample press release you can edit and use. Be sure to follow-up with the newspaper after you email and fax your press release to make sure they received it. They are always looking for great content that is current, interesting, and making a difference in their community. Be sure to let your school principal know ahead of time. Ask him/her to give you a one sentence quote to show that you have his/her support. You will never know how many teachers you will inspire to write a grant for themselves when they realize how simple and effective the process is from start to finish. Imagine if every teacher had all of the resources they needed for their students! Also, there are plenty of people with money who want to help teachers, but they don't know how to do so or what the teachers are going to do with the money. DonorsChoose.org make the process simple for donors as well as teachers.

  9. Share a different video each week to show how Bouncy Bands work and how they help students do their best.
    Video Links:

  10. Use Cartoons -- Click on cartoons below to view larger.

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